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    OK so i just got my treo 700w and was trying to set up this wireless sync and somethimg went asks you to enter your phone number then a password...and if you dont already have one you can click the "get password" button and the screen cleard and i never received a passwrod...and now i cant would i fix this problem?......and also how do you get rid of or move the wireless sync icon that sits in the bottom row....i use pocket plus and i hate having to scrollon my today screen and its fine until the sync icon is there.......thanx so much
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    Call Tech Support. 866-788-9387.

    They're pretty good.
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    Go to If you remember setting up a password, then click on the link you forgot your password and then enter your mobile number on the next screen. If you're unsure that you've created one, then select the option to register. You will be able to either set up your account and establish a PW or it will tell you an account already which case you use the first method to send your password to your phone.
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    i thank you for the help.....that did how do iremove the sync icon thats at the bottom of the screen...i beleive i have turned off everything needed and the line sperator is still there along with the wireless sync icon

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