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    I don't know if it will work, has anyone tried it. If it does work do we use the option for High speed CPUs or the one for 312 MHz CPUs.
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    use 312 processor.
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    I used it and it works fine.
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    Yes, confirming that it works with 700w. You need to download the 312 version.
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    Thats great thanks.
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    I use it all the time. SkypeOut and SkypeIn also works fine.
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    Maybe I am blind but is there a way to take skype off of speaker phone and just use it like a normal phone? It does not give me an option, when I connect with someone it just plays it as if I put it on speaker phone. Also can you use a BT headset with skype? Has anyone done it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sourmash
    I use it all the time. SkypeOut and SkypeIn also works fine.
    Help me out here. I am using a Treo 700W. I downloaded and installed Skype. I set up an account and paid $10 for credit on SkypeOut, but it's not working well at all.

    I've tried calling a few of my friends on "land lines" using SkypeOut. I found that the conection is very "choppy" like a speaker phone cutting in and out. On another call, one person heard me fine, but they were delayed coming back to to me by almost 10 seconds!

    Additionally, my Treo seems a bit more sluggish since I installed Skype, and I have had to do a few warm resets since installing it only 2 1/2 hours ago.

    Now in all fairness I have been testing around "prime time" between 6-8pm est. Would and earlier hour work better? Any suggestions what I can do to get better results with SkypeOut?


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