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    As a follow-up from this post on creating unique graphical backgrounds, I thought it might be better to just let people post what they've made or are using.

    One of the questions I got was how to create plain backgrounds. It seems kind of easy for me, but I'll post the steps here anyway.

    1. Open Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, what have you.
    2. Create a new image with a resolution of 240 x 240 x 72 dpi.
    3. Click your color picker rainbow thingy and find a color you like, and select it for the *foreground* color.
    4. Click your flood fill tool.
    5. Click your blank canvas. Voila, color!
    6. File, Save, dump to SD or e-mail, repeat.

    To kick things off, here are some random plain color backgrounds.

    NOTE: The best practice for forums in general is to upload your files to or similar file hosting site and paste the code into your post.

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    Here are my contributions from the previous thread:

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    Thanks for these. Works great!!!


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