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    A new problem to add to the TreoCentral "help desk". (love the site btw)
    I spend a good amount of time streaming audio through my palm pilot. From SiriusCE to MP3's to Internet radio, I love them all. Problem with the WM5 on the Treo is that it powers off to save battery, but, unlike the 650, it seems to shut EVERYTHING down with it. (any work around for this?)
    So I go into Power options and turn off all automatic power off for both battery power and external power. However, it seems to have a mind of it's own. Sometimes it powers itself off ANYWAY. I thought maybe the problem would work itself out after a few soft resets, but it hasn't. Any ideas? let me know. Thanks!
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    Yeah, I've also seen this behavior. My problem was centered around "waking up" my Treo by pressing a key on my bluetooth kbd. The power down issue caused the same problems for me too.
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    I am having a similar problem where my treo will power off (screen off) while I am using the data connection, even while it's plugged into external power. I have unchecked both settings under the power options for "turn off device if not used for...". I can't understand why it keeps turning itself off automatically after about 1 minute no matter what...please help!

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