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    Has anyone tried installing any of the Skyscape Medical titles to their Treo 700? The vendors site states they are WM5 compatible, but does not mention either QVGA or 240x240 support. As the titles are expensive, I am looking to see if anyone else has experience. Also, if you have tried one, did you successfully run the title from a memory card? Their titles used to be very good in this regard. Thanks.
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    I have not tried thier software, but can highly recommend Epocrates med software, it runs well from the SD card and the RX part is free...
    (for all Palm, and WM5 devices, including Treos 240x240)

    Hope this is useful for you..

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    Epocrates runs from the SD card? I don't think that's true, unless you've somehow figured out a hack. First off, when you use their default installer, it writes the program to RAM. When you attempt to move the program to the SD card and then go to use it, it writes itself into RAM again, so now you have two copies of the bloatware on your device.
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    When it is installed on a WM5 device with a storage card installed it will give you a choice, and I have installed and verified functionallity from SD card for them on a XV6700 and Treo700w that I personally use..

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    Ah, forgive me... I am just a neanderthal living in the antiquated world of the 650.
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    I have just tried installing Epocrates to my SD card (again). I tried it a few days ago with poor results. It takes over an hour for the program to install. And once again, whenever I start the program I am faced with the EULA. As soon as I click the "agree" box of the EULA, the program and the device are completely locked up, and the only recourse to starting the device is a soft reboot. I guess I will have to try installing to program memory, or try

    I am still interested if anyone has tried the skyscape software, what their experience might be.
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    I tended to use Epocrates quite frequently when looking up pt meds on admission. It's useful, but bloatware.
    I use several Skyscape products (DrugGuide, Archimedes, Lab Guide,Tabers, EngSpanish, 5mEmerg) and I can't say enough good things about them. Clear, concise, and 98% of the program loads to the SD card. The RAM footprint averages less than 100k per program, usually MUCH less ( 50k). Most programs even include hires pictures. The programs update with each Hotsync, and techsupport is prompt.

    One thing I am annoyed with is the creeping bloatware factor. They are including "free" ICD-9 programs, Medscape journal lists and other documents, which increases the amount of space it takes up in RAM, often by a factor of 3x. I have no need for any of these, yet I can't figure out how to disable them.
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