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    I saw that there was a dearth of links for 700w background graphics, so I brainstormed and realized I can make my own. I already had the program installed, I just had to tweak it. Here's how you can too.

    1. Download and install StarfishX:
    (.dmg file, Mac OS X)

    2. In the Size dropdown list, go to Custom and enter the dimensions 240 x 240.

    3. Pick your palette. You may want to use "random" for a while to get a feel for the patterns. I tend to use Blue, Grey and Winter.

    4. Select "Use random seed values" from the radio button list.

    Tip: If you see a cool pattern and want to try it in a different color palette, select "Use constant seed value" and copy the 9 digit seed number.

    5. Click the New Pattern button. Keep clicking it. The program generates random graphic images, so you may go through 10 or 20 before you find one you want to try. It's kind of fun.

    6. When you find one you like, select it from the right-hand drawer, save it and send it to yourself (I can't get Bluetooth to work between my Treo and my G5 iMac, so I just e-mail it to myself). Hopefully you can take it from there.

    And what would this tutorial be without some examples? Public domain, free to use, et cetera.

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    Pretty cool, now if we could find an easy way to edit pics for our Treo 700w.
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    Have you discovered any way to make solid backgrounds?


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