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    Any way to create a distribution list when emailing a group of individuals?
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    I wish. I dont think there is any program that does this. I create a new contact and use it as a distribution list and add all the emails into the email field. This seems to work ok.
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    Anyone come up with a solution for this?
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    I like Blile's solution. Sounds like making a list wuld take the equal amount of time anyway, whatever way you do it.
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    Another solution that I have that actually has been working well for me is, I create a word doc and list the emails that I want in the group divided into groups of ten since you can only send texts to 10 recipiants at a time. Then copy and paste to the "to" field in the messenger program.

    I have one list for text and one for emails.

    Until a better solution comes along, this will have to do.
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    wow, i just noticed that distribution lists don't come across into my contacts on my phone - that's kinda lame. it's listed in outlook, so why wouldn't it come across to the treo?
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    Check this out....not sure if its what ya want but it is real neat. You have a meeting schedule, game schedule whatever...send it to "your list" and everybody's handheld (PPC or Palm) gets the schedule added to their calendar.

    atePak is an innovative product designed to aid organizations in distributing information about its events, contact people, and meeting schedules. This Windows based tool generates handheld applications containing schedule, contact, and general information for distribution to Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds. Examples of organizations that can utilize the advantages of DatePak:

    * Schools can distribute the school-year calendar to both students and parents. Important administrative contact information can be included that will be added to the address book. Parents can access their student's after school and evening activities instantly during the work day.
    * A health club could provide the exercise class schedules with instructor contact information to customers.
    * Clubs can distribute their meeting schedules and dates of special events. Club officer contact information would also be included.
    * Sports leagues or individual teams can distribute schedules to participants and spectators.
    * Click here for an example within the medical profession.
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    I find this problem quite amazing. I have used the Palm OS for a few years, and one of the things which has been luring me back to the Windows based smartphone is the assumed presence of group emailing. A year ago, I tried a friend's pocket pc, created a category in a few contacts, called up that category, and was able to prepare an email to that group. I can't imagine why that function would not still be present. ?
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    Do you maybe select a category heading rather than dragging down through the group?
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    Will this program do what you want?

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