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    The 3200 has two settings for voice dialing- "phone" or "car kit". Car kit is the internal voice dialing feature of Parrot and would work fine. You just have to train it by repeating words and creating voice tags. "Phone" would have used the Treo voice command and would have not needed training but it is not compatible I guess.
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    I've been enjoying BT Voice Command by plugging in a Jabra A210 to the Treo 700w headset connector. Plus I get the added benefit of being able to hear all sound through my BT headset. I love listing to my SlingPlayer through my headset on my commute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smeg36
    Voice DIALING doesn't work through the BT headset. After you dial, the call will go to the headset. The point of BT voice dailing is that you don't have to remove the phone from the case/holster/whatever you use to make a call while driving or something. Just press the headset once real quick and say a name.
    But given the circumstances...

    You can program your side button on the phone for VC. Press that, say what you need and you are done. You still don't have to take your eyes and concentration off of the road any more so that you would by pressing a button on the side of your head.
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