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    I tried NetFront on the 700w and hated it. People told me it was because of the 700w's limited screen size and memory.

    1) Now I have a PPC-6700 and NetFront is still awful.

    2) Furthermore, I can't login to ANYTHING with PIE. I hit 'sign on' on the yahoo page, for example, and it returns me to the same page. I couldn't find anything online dealing with these problems, so I'm sure I screwed something up, but I didn't change any settings, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Please$ $help$.

    3) Beyond the PIE problem, what's the best browser on the 6700? Is there any browser that saves pages and also allows crusing ala NetFront?

    I want to love the 6700 but if I can't find a browser that does what Xiino did and do it well and fast (without paying bitstream $6/month) then I might return this ASAP.
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    Did you look at Opera ? There's also MiniMo from mozilla.

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