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    I am looking into getting the 700w.

    I have a CCTV application that runs on my Dell Axim (PPC2003). This application lets me remotely view my camera setup over the internet.

    I am in love with this phone & I want to make 100% sure that this application works (otherwise I am stuck with a PPC2003 phone).

    That is the company that makes the DVR card. I am using the 7.0 software.

    If you wouldnt mind testing this software for me, that would help me determine if WM2005 is for me.

    That is the 7.0 version. I emailed the company tech support but the support isnt so great. I cannot upgrade to the 7.05 version for some reason.

    Can anyone please help load this app to make sure it works on PPC 2005?

    If your willing to try but my motorcycle site download scares you (I would be iffy too on that) you can download the 7.05 here Its called Gview (PDA Viewer).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would be happy to paypal someone $5.00 USD to test out if this app works (It would save me the huge headache of buying, setting up, and checking this out).
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    If you already have a PPC, put the .cab file on it and take it with you to a verizon store that has working displays. Beam the file to the display unit. You'd be able to test it out and play around with it...
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    I think it installs some sort of Mpeg codec as well. I cannot for the life of me find the cab file on my dell axim x50v. I have looked & looked.

    I even downloaded & installed a usb thumb drive version of WM5 to use. I tried to install the program but when I installed it on my PC, I still couldnt find the cab files.

    Any ideas?
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    I uploaded the gview.exe file I had on my Axim PPC. If you rename the gview.txt to gview.exe, that should be the file (though its not a cab file for some reason).
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