If I'n not mistaken, but when you are making a ssl "secure connection" you automatically bypass all proxy, and make a "slow" but direct connection.

Honestly people talk a lot about security when it come to proxy, but most proxy drop eveything after formating the page, and saving a viewing you info is not their business. Honestly when you are talking about mobile communications you run into huge security risk any way. You think you gsm, 1rxtt is super secure lol.
Why would you use browser for accessing corp mail, what about pops "secure pop" or other secure email solution. Vpn is done using software, not browser right.

But tp each his own. The treo does rock, but web brosweing speed is faster on sidekick as compared to the Treo 600/650, but the 700w, and edge make the sidekick look like 33.6 dial up.

But the sidekick data is only for web, email, and instant messenger, while you can use the treo as a modem and connect through you laptop.