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    Can any PDA Net users confirm if they have not been charged anything extra for using it as a modem? How much approx downloading do they do every day using EVDO and PDANet? thanks
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    I was just about to search for this answer. I need PDAnet but need to know if it counts against your airtime minutes or data plan.
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    I've had problems with PDaNet; it didn't work with my phone and they couldn't figure out how to fix it; now I'm having a difficult time getting my money back.
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    I use it for convenience when i have no other choice. I have not seen any problems on my bill. I don't abuse it though. 40-50MB downloaded in a month isn't going to raise any eyebrows.
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    My usage is more like 100MB/mo without using PDANet -- just email and light browsing. I've used more than 200MB with no problems.
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    892 megs last month...unlimited usage so no additional charges outside of the $44.99 data plan. I don't think there is a legitimate way to get data usage to come out of your minutes anymore. The cheapest (not really, depending on your usage) you could probably go is the per megabyte plan.
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    PDANet works great for me, no extra cost on my bill. I do feel like a sucker paying 45$ a month for wireless on my phone, though.

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