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    Pardon, if I am posting this in the wrong place....

    Just got off the phone with Verizon, and they suggest that you update the phone's software every thirty days (in reference to call connectivity and static and poor reception I think).

    To do this, dial *228 and option 2. it connects you to the nearest tower and apparently send s data cause it unlocked something on my phone and then relocked it, the screen said it, and that it had updated the phone.

    Just passing it along, I had never done this before....
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    This is a PRL update, the roaming list... Nothing more.
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    The firmware upgrade that is suppose to come out soon will be about 50mb - for AUTD thats the only upgrade that is worth it
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    hopefully they'll roll a bluetooth stack update into that patch as well....
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    i second the bluetooth stack update patch... i've had more issues with bluetooth headsets on the 700w. sometimes i can answer the phone with the headset, other times i can't even though the phone shows my headset is connected. and if i attempt to connect using the menu option, it's lock up city and time to soft-reset. bluetooth syncing works ok, although it will randomly disconnect every now and then.
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    i dont understand why the bluetooth connects for a couple of days then doesn't work agin after a long charge at least thats what I found
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    I haven't had any issues with my HS810 BT headset or the IHF1000 BT HFK in my car. But I have a MAC so BT to my desktop isn't an option yet.

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