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    Many times after I reset my 700w there is a delay in the start menu expanding after pressing the windows key for the first time. After this first time I no longer experience the delay. Does anyone have thoughts on how to stop this annoying problem?
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    This happens on mine too. I believe wm5 has to compile the programs you have listed in your start menu, then must assign a shortcut letter to each one.
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    I see this too. It seems like the more apps you have, the longer the delay. I almost got down to the exact number of new apps before it starts to show appreciable delay. The strange thing is, when you open the Programs folder, it still has to build/cache the images of all the icons.
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    I had the same problem when my WM5 was looking at the memory card for the programs. I took out the programs that shortcuted to my memory card, and I don't have the problem anymore.
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    Welcome to the world of NVRAM. That first delay is the code being "loaded" into the RAM cache.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleuth255
    Welcome to the world of NVRAM. That first delay is the code being "loaded" into the RAM cache.
    However, you can fix this problem..................DONT RESET YOUR DEVICE.....Which means don't use it either or soon enough you will have no choice but to reset.

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