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    Somehow on my treo 700 the contact window is now hidden, only showing my pocketbreeze plugin. However, when I start typing in a lookup, it appears, pushing the pocketbreeze plugin down. Does anyone else see this?
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    I also use pocket breeze. If you look under settings - today - the search bar is probably unchecked now. It does not make it unusable, just removes it from your today screen. You can put it back if you want, I prefer it to be hidden until use personally.
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    Actually I'm not talking about the web search, but the contact search on the top where there's a little icon of a person on the left side.
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    From the Today screen hit Menu then Preferences and uncheck Hide Lookup Field.
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    What do you do when checking/unchecking Hide Lookup Field doesn't work?

    I was using MemMaid to clean up temp files, dead shortcuts, and dead registry entries. When it finished, I noticed that the Lookup Field was gone from the Today screen. I made sure that hide lookup field was not checked. I have checked and unchecked several times. I have done several soft resets. I cannot get the field to show again. When I start typing in a phone number now, the call log pops up.

    Any ideas?
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    Maybe it's Memaid.. i have heard of quite a bit of issues with it and the 700w
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    Go to Start --> Settings --> Today and make sure you have that plug-in checked.
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    There is no plugin for the contact lookup. You hide/hide with Menu-P-H

    I keep mine hidden.

    I hate to rag on MemMaid (I registered it over a year ago) but I don't trust it and think it is GeoBain's problem.
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    I am afraid that MemMaid has deleted a needed file. I knew there was an issue with it deleting files used by Voice Command. There was also some mention about ActiveSync issues. I am using the newest version, 1.6 and had not had any issues with ActiveSync or Lookup before. It did wipe out voice command, so definitely don't run it if you use that.

    I'm guessing a hard reset it going to be the only way to set things straight? No way to put the file or registry settings back manually?

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