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    The program works great but with one problem.

    The streaming audio stops after 1 min the phone shuts off. If I power back up it continues were I left off. I have shut down all power controls in the setting menu.

    The music will continue steaming as long as you press a button or use the screen but if you just want to listen no go.

    If I hook up treo to my Lan vis USB it works fine and the screen dims at 1 min but the audio does not stop.

    Any Help!!!!
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    i dont have that problem on WM5 with my Cingular 8125...dont know what to tell you.
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    Make sure you have unchecked the options to "auto shut off" in the settings menu, and make sure you turn off your bluetooth because there is a "glitch" with it. Go figure.. a glitch on the Treo 700.....
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