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    I have a complete pain in the derriere sending email from my 700W through my companies IMAP email server, so any help would be awsome, here's the deal....
    I have set-up the 700W IMAP email account using exactly the same information in my Outlook client. I have specifically verified the incoming/outgoing email servers. Both SSL and authentication for outbound messages is on.
    I have no problem receiving email, the issue is with sending. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't. So one minute I am sending email to a valid address or replying to emails and it works fine and the email is received at the destination address. Then the next minute, I'll send a new email or reply (to the same address that was just working) and I will receive an "invalid recipient" email back.
    At this point, I will try and resend the email, after 5 to 10 times it usually goes through. I am pretty sure the issue is on my side and not the destination server as either all my emails work or they don't.
    I am the first person at my company to have the 700W, other Treo's kicking around are 650's and those people have not experienced anything similar. Mind you, they are also using sprint, if that makes any difference...

    I also have a Yahoo POP email account setup, that always works without fail. So if I am constantly receiving "invalid recipient" emails back for IMAP and I then send an email from my POP account it works...if I then switch back to IMAP and try to resend the failed message or a new one...guess what....invalid recipient"!

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    As a follow up to my original post, are people using IMAP accessing email via an internet connection or a VPN or Proxy server? I am using an internet setup from my Treo. Furthermore, can you define incoming and outgoing server ports?

    I never have any problem sending email to addresses in my email domain, it is just external addresses. Recently it has stopped working altogether....
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    IMAP and POP are protocols for receiving mail. They have nothing to do with sending it. Your problem is with your company's SMTP service, which may be rejecting traffic that doesn't come from within its own range of IP addresses. Hard to say what the problem is, but one alternative would be to use Verizon's SMTP server instead for your outgoing mail. I haven't tried this on the 700, but it works fine on other Treos.

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