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    When I delete a message on my Treo 700w, it does not delete on the server.
    I have talked to Verizon about it, and one tech said it should, and another said its not supposed to. So which is it?

    I am using wireless sync to sync via pop3 to an exchange 5.5 server.
    Messages come to the Treo just fine, but the changes don't go back to the exchange server.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've synced Treo 650's (Palm) to Exchange 2003 for well over a year now , as well as a Treo 700W and a Sprint 6700 for about 3 months. Deleted messages were also synced. But for some odd reason this has changed in the last 2-3 weeks, at least for the 700W and 6700. Right after a Windows Server update, IIS went bust and was reset. Since that day, deleted messages on the mobile phones dont sync back, but receiving from Exchange works fine (haven't confirmed on the 650's).

    I can't speak to Exchange 5.5, but it is possible for Exchange 2003.

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