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    1) Is there a shortcut to turn BT on and off? I can't seem to find one, and I hate that I have to use the stylus to select the little (literally) icon for the bluetooth setting. Or take the long trip through the settings dialogs if I don't want to use the stylus.

    2) my screen stays active after I disconnect from a call. Anyway to change this? I hate that I have to press hang up once, then again to shut the screen down. This is very annoying when I use a BT headset... hang up from a call and 10 mins later notice the screen is still active.

    Thanks folks! BTW this is a superb forum. I have enjoyed lurking in the forums reading all the great tips.
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    can't you add bluetooth to the start menu? You can only have 7 items in the start menu, but if its important to you, then you might want to make it one of your 7 items. I can't help you on your other issue because I don't use a BT headset.
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    is when I turn my bluetooth headset on (HS850) the treo automatically recognizes it and uses it. Such a pain to use BT with the treo.
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    ahh, I was being stupid. The bluetooth setting is only to turn the BT antenna off and on. So, with the antenna on, it does what I would have expected and wanted. When my headset is on, it goes to the headset, with the headset in the off position it goes to the phone. Sorry just a moron.

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