So I recently took over a co-workers computer and she was also using WirelessSync. I told her to not worry about removing it b/c I would use it also and just add my information and take out hers. Simple enough.

Well, she apparently went to uninstall it anyway and ran into some troubles. In someones infinite wisdom, they decided to delete the directory tree and all the files thinking that would solve it. WTH!?!?!?

So now, when I try to unistall the legitimate way, I get an error: Fatal Error During Installation. When I try to reinstall from the website, it downoads and begins the installation. Approx. halfway through, the window displays it's removing the old software and then a new window appears that the installation was interrupted and cannot continue.

Lord only knows when the contractor will be here to reimage this machine. In the meantime, is anyone aware of any methods to manually remove the WirelessSync application from the PC? I've been googling for the past 3 hours and outside of reading how bad WirelessSync supposedly is, I can't find any useful info. Thanks alot!!