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    "Microsoft will next month allow handset vendors and mobile phone networks to offer customers Direct Push Technology - its answer to Research in Motion's Blackberry push email system. DPT will be delivered through a Messaging and Security Feature Pack update to its Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, plus a Service Pack for its Exchange Server 2003 code.

    A number of hardware vendors and networks announced support for DPT, including Vodafone, Cingular, T-Mobile, Orange, Asus, Fujitsu Siemens and HP - the latter launched its anticipated iPaq hw6900 communicator series today. Palm and i-Mate will offer the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for their respective Windows Mobile-based devices."
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    MSFP was released to the device manufacturers last Novemer 16th for inclusion into the various phone ROM's. What I hope this means is that the carriers like Verizon and Cingular have received and finished testing the updated ROM and are getting ready to release it to us!
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    ...and in fact, DataViz just announced the first product featuring DPT. It runs on Symbian and is their roadsync product:

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