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    Can anyone give me a rundown of transferring programs from my Axim (2003SE) to 700w. I know I need newer WM5 versions of Agenda Fusion & eWallet. These are the main two programs that I need to transfer. I can always re-enter data - but I would prefer to transfer the data seemlessly.

    Also, any tips about the first thing I should do to the 700w, when I take it out of the box? It will be here Thurs. Tips any of you experts figured out.
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    You will have to re-install programs.
    Sync the old device with data, etc. Now sync the Treo.
    I moved from an iPaq 5455 to the Treo.
    Only thing was programs that was a pain. Data was as simple as a sync and stuff on the card just moved over.

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