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    Is it possible to use the 700 as an internet modem for my laptop? I've read around here that there is an older model from Palm that can do this. I still have not purchased any of these products but I would like to have the modem as a function of the phone. Should I wait for a future model? If so, is there any news on when?

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    You can use PDANet from Junefabrics. Check here:

    It will allow you to connect using a USB cable. It costs $35. They say that Bluetooth functionality will also be coming as a free update, so that's not bad.

    I've used Bluetooth DUN on both a Verizon Treo 650 and a Sprint Treo 650 and it worked out nicely. If Junefabrics can get the same Bluetooth DUN functionality on an EvDO equipped device like the Treo 700w, that would be a very, very nice piece of software.

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