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    I am DYING to know
    1. How do I use my evdo connection with my MAC (not a pc). Possibly thru a sdio wifi card, a bridged over a wifi connection?
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    I'm assuming you're asking if you can use the EVDO network on your treo as an internet gateway for your MAC.

    I don't believe it's possible since DUN has been disabled on this device. I messed with it myself the other night because I was hoping I could use this same feature to provide internet access to my laptop through a bluetooth connection. However, my treo doesn't advertise the correct bluetooth profile for network connectivity.
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    There is a commercial application to allow this on a Windows Machine by bypassing the Verzion DUN lock somehow .... I don't think the DUN lock can be bypassed at this time on a Mac .... hopefully Verizon unlocks it in the future .... or somebody comes up with a hack ...

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