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    I know this topic has been beat to death, but perhaps someone can enlighten me on one thing. I know the 700w has a 240x240 screen and the 6700 has a 320x240 screen. If you were to take into account the actual smaller physical size of the 700w screen vs. the physical size of the 6700 how do the screen images compare? Does this make sense? What I'm trying to do is compare the actual quality of the 700w image with the 6700 image when you take into account the smaller physical size of the 700w. I really like WM5 as compared to POS but much prefer the Treo form factor compared to the 6700.
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    The 700w's 240x240 is the same exact resolution as you would get on a square portion of the 6700's screen. It literally chops off that extra 80 pixels of space.
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    B/c of the aspect ratio of he 6700, it technically has a higher resolution b/c it has great number of total pixels:

    Treo 700w: 240x240 = 57,600 pixels
    Sprint 7600: 240x320 = 76,800 pixels

    However if you want to truely compare image quality, you also have to measure pixel density: that is the number of pixels per square inch for each given screen. I don't know the exact screen dimensions of each device, but just divide the number of pixels in each device by the square area of the screen to get a good comparison of the pixel density...
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