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    I have the Treo for personal use, not business. As such, while I use Outlook at home for my email client, I don't have or use Exchange. Over the course of time I've started to wonder how I might be able to browse my outlook mail remotely. I use Bellsouth as my DSL provider and while they offer a decent amount of web email space per account (250MB), that does nothing for the 2-3GB of email I have in my personal folders from years past. So, keeping copies of all messages on their server won't help me.

    I often find myself searching back through old emails on my home PC and when I'm out with my Treo, I don't have this ability. In my old job, we had web access to exchange so I could get to that from anywhere. It was a great way to be able to have remote access to all of your email from anywhere. The question is, how difficult is setting up an exchange server?

    I have several machines on my home network (Macs and PCs) so I'm thinking I could setup exchange on one of the PCs. The nice thing about this if I could do it would of course be being able to have email clients on any of my machines (PCs, Macs, Treo, etc) and access all of my email. However, my guess is that it's a PITA. Additionally, you have to worry about it being used as a spam relay if you don't configure it properly, etc. Of course, it may be easier than I think it is. Anyone know of a good guide to setting one up for home use?

    Or, is there some alternative way of being able to browse Outlook email on one PC through a web browser without Exchange? Some 3rd party app intended for home users perhaps? Thanks for any and all info/suggestions/tips

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    Exchange isn't all that difficult to administer...but if you want access to 2-3 GB worth of messages on your treo, I don't see how it solves your problem. Did you use OWA with your treo? I can't imagine that's an easy way to search/access such a huge message store. I haven't tried it, I'm using only Exchange ActiveSync, but since it stores your messages locally as well, it is quite limited, I only have the last 30 days of my inbox available.

    In terms of setting up Exchange, you need Windows Server 2000 or 2003 for it to run, but I think you can get small business server that integrates Exchange, Windows Server, and some other stuff for $600 with 5 CALs. I used an external consultant to set it up for our company (being as I'm a lawyer, not an IT manager), but I think there are a lot of wizards and a lot of resources on the web such that anyone with decent technical knowledge could eventually get there. I have to say, I'm so addicted to the ability to get at a single message store from various places with various methods that if I were ever to go into business just on my own, I'd probably bite the bullet on my own exchange server even though it would be overkill.
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    Exchange hosting solutions are available for a small monthly fee. Most also throw in a license to use Outlook 2003 if you dont already have it.

    It dosnt make sense to buy Exchange standard ed. at about $1k then windows server standard ed. at about $1K and the server equipment at around $2-3K to do it yourself ...and this is for a simple single server setup.. no front end/back end or clustering...

    ...then you have electricity and data connection fees on top of that...

    ...and most hope ISP's block the ability for you to set up a mail server now a days(port 25 I think).

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