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    I'm an *****. Flame away. Trying to mess with my start menus and deleted the "settings" folder. I hadn't messed with anything in it. I would REALLY not rather have to perform a hard reset, would love to get even just a list of what was in it (I'm hoping it was all shortcuts to various apps in the \windows folder). If there is a way to send the entire folder with shortcuts, even better, PM me, but anything would help. Thanks.
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    Hmm, my Windows > Start Menu > Settings directory seems to be empty. I even connected via ActiveSync so I could make sure I was able to see hidden files. Unless there is some other kind of "hidden" files that I'm unaware of, mine is empty. That is not to say that everyones settings directory is empty also.
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    Thanks. Hmmm. How do you get to things such as buttons, sounds, backlight, etc.?
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    It seems as if as long as the directory exists, you should be ok (I believe the actual shortcuts are stored somewhere else). I say this only because I renamed my settings directory to Settingstemp as a test and of course, my Settings option was removed from my Startup menu. I then added a new (And of course empty) Settings directory and which put the Settings back on my Startup menu. After going to the new Settings on the Startup, I was still able to access all of my programs.
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    You're a genius! Totally counterintuitive...and it worked. Just re-create the folder and voila, everything is there. That's...weird.
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    And, I should add, thank you.
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    Sure thing. I'm glad it worked out for you.

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