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    Refer to this link for the registry locations of the values referenced below.

    I've gotten encouraging results from the below tweaks and would appreciate any "beta testers" who want to try these for themselves and post their experiences.

    I've been using the free PHM registry editor to make these changes. After creating/changing values, I've used the task manager (launch with <alt>+ok... <alt> is the black key under the A not the key that says "alt" btw) to physically close PHM. This forces the registry changes to update NVRAM. Then I've done a soft reset to engage them. Remember that all entries are case sensitive!

    The freeware PHM registry editor I've been using is available here.

    warning: If you aren't familiar with the Windows Registry don't try this. If you screw something up, it could take a cold reset to fix your Treo.

    Car handsfree tweaks

    I've had some success with the following values (these are addressed in the Stack Registry Settings section):

    PicoConnect set to 1 (you'll need to add this DWORD value) in the l2cap key causes my car to maintain the connection better. There are fewer dropouts and the pairing always automatically reconnects

    ScanModeControl changed from 1 to 3 in the l2cap key improves the connect time. My car now connects with my treo within 10 seconds.

    Bluetooth Headset tweak to conserve battery power

    Refer to the Audio Gateway registry settings for this little gem:

    PowerSave set to 1 (you'll need to add this DWORD value) places the treo in advanced powersave mode for handsfree connections. This will really cut battery drain while compatible headsets are connected. Make sure you test this one out fully! Some headsets don't support this mode and will drop the connection.
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    Testing the car kit one. Since I use the moto IHF1000
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    Nice ill be trying it tonight after work.
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    I've been using the headset tweak for about a week now with the Jabra 350v and it works great! The connection only becomes active when the phone rings or I initiate a call with the phone. After the call is ended, the connection goes back to "standby" mode.

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