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    I am struggling....struggling to figure out a way to work out while playing MP3s on my treo 700 in a way that i can forward or replay songs using the d-pad without looking (the phone is in a pouch thats not accessible).

    not too challenging right? Worked like a cham on the 650...but with this device, even after i turn off the autofetch of my emails, and even after i turn off the backlight disable feature, something keeps poppling up or turning off so that i can't forward a song without taking the thing out and correcting the prob.

    is another application out there that isnt so fussy? I can't imagine there's NO WM5 users out there that can go for a 5 mile jog and control their media player without messing so much with it?

    any help appreciated
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    Have you tried TCPMP? (The Core Pocket Media Player - It has many customization options including the option to map any key to do different things such as next and previous. Once you get it, add your files to a playlist by going File > Playlist > + > (Select your directory and or file, or hit the All option to add all files in the dir). Next you can modify the settings from Options > Settings > Select Page > Hot Keys.

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    I personally use playlists. and multiple SD cards. I started doing this with my I600.

    That way you can have different music for different activities such as mountain biking etc. You press play one time and it plays all of your music with no further interaction needed, unless you need to stop it.

    Have you considered a headset with mic? The call button on some headsets will offer some WM player control either natively or with a 3rd party app like magic button.

    Oh and the thing popping up is probably active sync. I have noticed that my app on screen will sometimes lose "focus" and not be controllable with the 5 way. I did the axim fix on mine and the issue went away.
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    aha. well that brings up another do you create a playlist. I feel like a moron but I can't figure it out.

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    Well, with TCPMP, after doing what I mentioned above: File > Playlist > + button > (Select your directory and or file, or hit the All option to add all files in the dir). You can then go File > Playlist > File (While in the play list) > Save Playlist and save it to whatever directory you would like. Once the playlist is saved, you can open it by going File > Open File > Select your Playlist > Ok. If you have a hard time finding the playlist file, you can use a Filter in the Open File screen. Does this help?
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    If you're looking for maximum, button-only control of your Windows Mobile MP3, then TCPMP or GSPlayer are your best bet. Multiple button configurations available with either one.

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