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    What is the best software / solution to sync a Treo 700 to Lotus Notes V6.5. Also we are moving to Notes V7 soon so if there is a package that supports both version that would be prefered. Thanks
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    There are a few choices but I've only used 3 which involve redirectors:
    - SEVEN
    - Verizon Wireless Sync (comes with the phone)
    - Commontime mNotes

    Of the 3, I prefer SEVEN because of its simplicity. Mail push and website access is straight forward. The redirector is able to get to your mail without you initiating Notes on the desktop. All it needs is VPN access. I've just got a replacement phone and didn't initiate/install WS and my phone is running much faster than it did with WS loaded. I believe SEVEN doesn't have the same memory leak problem as WS so there is less impact to its overall operations.

    These are the pros and cons as it pertains to my PIM needs.

    SEVEN Advantages:

    +/- Separate DBs. You don't have to worry about your personal appointments being seen by anyone in your company. A SEVEN pOutlook mail file is created so you can sync locally with your personal Outlook email. Separate DB=minimal data corruption and no duplicates
    + More calendar information. I can see all of the invitees, all of the subject, status, and meeting organizer without having to open the entry as needed with pOutlook.
    + Doesn't keep you connected. SEVEN starts up when mail is pushed out and disconnects.
    + Send customized SMS notifications. If you want an extra SMS notice for high priority email or email from your loved ones (boss), you can define that. You can also schedule the notifications. WS doesn't provide this.
    + Simple installation to the handheld and to the desktop. Information was replicated within minutes. WS is more complicated than it should be, IMO, and took about 1 hour to set up the first time.
    + Minimal company information on the SEVEN website. SEVEN doesn't maintain as much data as WS does. I like this. Although my company has not prohibited the use of redirectors, I'm certain that they'd prefer SEVEN's model.
    + FAST data from the server to the Website.
    + More committed to support Lotus Notes. This was important to me because although WS can handle Lotus Notes, VZW refuses to support it. I had to create an "executive escalation" to get them to address my problems.
    + Has a support website. I could see where others have similar problems and can post my own.

    SEVEN Disadvantages:

    - Today screen only shows the next calendar entry. If you have several and overlapping appointments, you are SOL.
    - No copy ability from the Calendar. That's not good. Often I have data in my calendar that I'd like to include in an email. They should at least allow you to copy the data from it.

    WS requires VPN+Lotus Notes up on the redirector. It uses the built-in calendar so you can use the built-in Today plug in to view your full day of events. WS has trashed my corporate mail and calendar entries so I use it to sync the calendar once/day.

    WS Advantages (+/- means it can be a disadvantage too) :

    + Poutlook Calendar and Tasks. PocketBreeze and other apps can display these on the Today screen.
    + Appointment Plus
    + Trips
    + Personal Information (daily weather)
    + VZW Support team - if you have problems, you can yell at them. The SEVEN beta support is limited to a website and my experience with Sprint was not good. Some times you have to escalate to senior management and call company sales reps to get attention but when you hit the right button, VZW will respond.
    + Details screen; you can see what is going on during the sync
    + Copy from calendar - you can copy/paste entire calendar information in a note field.
    +/- pOutlook Contacts
    +/- More than 75 inbox entries
    +/- More Calendar entries

    WS Disadvantages:
    - Memory Leaks! With so little memory on the 700w, this causes me to reset 2X per day if push is turned on.
    - Calendar corruption. Since you can't see everything in a calendar entry without opening it, when you close it, pOutlook flags the entry that it was changed and this causes corruption. Several of my one hour meetings were changed to span multiple days! This isn't good when you are the chair of a meeting. SEVEN doesn't touch your company calendar -- it is read only.
    - Email corruption. I've lost many attachments. Again, pOutlook flags mail that has been opened as changed so some email is truncated and attachments are lost during the sync from the redirector to the server. After 18 months, VZW hasn't solved this problem.
    - You are always on the network. VZW is constantly pinging once you turn on "push" to maintain a network connection. Phone calls often go into voicemail (not as much as with the Treo though).
    - Unnecessarily complicated.
    - Poor default support. VZW asks for your password to debug. Pulease! There is no support forum so VZW always acts like you are the first person to report a problem.

    I only tried Commontime briefly and after I got around port problems, I discontinued using it because it relies on updating your Notes items with a Commontime category. I don't want a 3rd party product to update my company data that way.

    Hope this helps.

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