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    Ok, until voice command works with the bt headset, I don't really have any real reason to keep it on the device: if I have the device on hand then I'm just gonna type in whomever I'd like to contact anyway. So, in order to free up a bit of ram, I'm thinking about uninstalling VC.

    Firstly, is there a way to keep the program installed, yet merely keep it from loading? I've noticed it's in the 'startup programs' field along with another program that escapes my memory-I don't want it gone per se--just not in active memory.

    Secondly, if I uninstall it, will I have to buy it seperately or is it on the disc that came with the treo? Will I have to do anything like register it or something?

    Thirdly, if I uninstall it, does that mean that I will no longer have voice notification when it comes to my calendar schedule/incoming calls? I sort of like it when the computerized voice tells me 'Wake up Mr. West-it's time for coffee' or 'you have a call from Mike Jones' or what have you.

    How much ram would this free up anyways? I hear about 3-4 mb. (should be Fourthly, I guess)

    Riddle me that treocentral.
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    If you reset the Treo and never invoke Voice command then it will never run in the background. Make sure no button is programmed for VC and you should be fine.
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    go to Start > Settings > Voice Command and uncheck the "Enable Voice Command" box.

    2.) You can not uninstall VC, it is part of the ROM

    3.) Yes when you disable VC then you disable the entire program which means you loose the calendar announcements.

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