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    First post. I just installed ADB Pocket Weather Plus from here:

    and it worked fine on the 240x240 screen. Some of the setup menus require you to scroll to reach all the options, but once it's installed, it works fine. And it's really handy.

    It's covered elsewhere, but I also installed Pocket RSS Reader from here:

    It also works great. And the nice thing is that both are free.

    Just thought I'd share.

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    Thanks! Was looking for a nice RSS reader and Weather program! I will give them a shot and maybe post back.. Guess they are free, so It won't hurt "that much" to try them...
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    So I only tried the RSS reader because the weather app turned out to need a payment I wasn't willing to pay at this time.
    The RSS reader was only "ok". It seems to work well, but text seems to flow right off the right side of the screen and it just dosen't seem to like the Treo Screen size. Also, it dosen't seem to d/l the entire RSS feed. Just the first part of it. But there is a nifty button at the bottom you can push to open the site you are looking at in your browser. Oh, and the soft buttons do absolutely nothing.
    I will keep using it for now until I find something better. I have it tracking about 10 feeds for me.
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    I have that Weather program installed, and it is completely free I believe. freeware, and no subscription needed.

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