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    Hey guys, i'm new here (obviously) and I've been checking out the Treo 700 for quite a while. i don't have to make a definite decision anytime soon, as I am with nextel and will be migrating to sprint with whatever treo I decide to get, but I had a couple of questions about some of the features and technologies, to do a comparison for which treo POS or WM5 would be better for my uses.

    1) The voice commands- is this a feature exclusive to the WM5 treo, or is this on the 650 or expected for the 700P? In Palm's history, do they classically release software patches to fix things that are in error with their stuff, like the rampant problem I'm seeing with voice commands used via Bluetooth (or in general fixing the BT pairing time I see from reading is a problem)?

    2) Active Sync Battery Drain- Like the question above, will this likely be patched or is this a problem with WM5 in general?

    3) There are some features that I like in the new 700, like the voice command, the photo speed dial on the today screen, and the onscreen icons to VM- are these possible to be implemented in current versions of the treo or likely in future?

    4) on either OS- is it possible to have a default group come up every time you enter contacts, as in having freinds and family be the default group displayed, and then I can expand to business if need be?

    5) Just to be sure, On both OS's I can assign MP3 ringtones to specific contacts, or even groups? Is this correct?

    6) General question- how susceptible is the charger to wearing out by frequent charging. In my experience, non locing chargers like the pin style for sprint phones, and even some locking ones like the motorola v400/600 series charger got loose and wobbly after about a year, making charging the phone nearly impossible. Is there a good desktop charging cradle available?

    Any help or advice you guys could garner would be greatly appreciated, I'm basically just trying to make the desicion between waiting (longer?) for the 700p, getting the current 650 for a better price, or waiting for the 700w for sprint.

    I'll use it mainly for phone function, with pretty frequent Email and PDF viewing, some MP3 playback, heavy and more than likely exclusive) BT headset useage (I currently have a plantronics, but may eventually upgrade to Jabra BT500 or Plantronics Discovery 640). I am a real estate agent and Best buy sales rep by trade so between the two, the phone will get pretty heavy useage, so battery power is a concern as well.

    Thanks for the info in advance, I'm sure none of these are questions you guys haven't seen before, but it was tough for me to find definite answers to these questions and having no knowledge about how the company handles issues after release, they were some of the concerns I have.

    Sorry for the extra long post, but I guess a first timers' gotta start somewhere, right?
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    thought of another question, and found no answers after a search....

    Does the 700w have a built in Business card scanner function now that it has the 1.3mp cam?

    i saw this function first implemented on the sprint samsung a800 and samsung a940, though both have 2mp cams... It's a sweet feature.
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    ok, no to the business card scanner? no to any of the other six questions? I'm confused.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Okay, I see the misunderstanding.
    Nope to the business card scanner.

    As for the other questions.
    1. Voice command is a WM5 feature. They may have something similar for POS. I don't know.
    2. Simple hack to disable ActiveSync wanting to always connect. Make the Sync always manual.
    3. Not a POS expert.
    4. The contact filtering in WM5 isn't sticky as far as I can tell. So you have to set the filter every time you start.
    5. Yes on WM5
    6. Don't know haven't had the unit long enough to know. If it wears out, take it back. The charger has the same warranty as the phone.

    You will need to play with both devices. POS != WM5. Very, very different.
    I'd be lost on a POS device.
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    yeah i see what you're saying, I used a palm IIIxe way the hell back in the day, but was reading a review saying that an avid palm user might not even know there was a menu on the Palm OS. they're right, i never did and i just can't get over the icon based OS, it just seems more infantile and less functional to me. Thanks for the answers, maybe eventually someone will come up with a registry hack to set a default contacts, but maybe one more keystroke wouldn't kill me anyway.

    Thanks a lot for the advice, I'll be around in the coming months while I wait for a sprint debut....
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    Just a heads up on the Jabra BT 500. It will pair with the 650 but I hear a lot of crackling and static that I didn't experience with my SE HBH 602.
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    1. Voice Command is provided via VSuite 2.0 from VoiceSignal for 650. A 14 day trial of the Voice Dial application comes with the 650. Version 2 has voice command and should be relased in a matter of days (I am currently using beta 3). There is no rampant problem with voice command via BT....the version of BT that was included in the Treo 650 is was never designed to suppor voice command. It is like asking if Windows NT will ever be patched to support USB.

    2. ActiveSync's problems are not unique to the Treo.

    3. See item 1

    4. No

    5. Yes, if you into ringtones....two provided as part of OS, 3rd party beyond that.

    6. Charging non issue in cradle or otherwise....USB connection is fraught w/ problems in both versions due to USB issues with MS OS, connector design and oil and dirt from fingers / pockets.

    For comparison see the many threads here on TC.

    These two reviews are pretty much indicative of what most reviews have said about both:

    Here's a corporate take on the 700w

    Also PC mag,1759,1911100,00.asp

    Another worthwhile it shows sentiment here on TC.
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    keep in mind that to put it politely, general sentiment here at tc can be characterized as palm os enthusiasm, EXTREME palm os enthusiasm
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    I wouldn't argue with that .... but the trade mags also agree so we can't be too whacky ...deinitely whacky just not extremely whacky.

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