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    Tuesday I returned my Verizon XV6700. Didn't like it. Thinking about a 700w.

    First, I wanted to ask you all a question. I've seen people saying that you can not select multiple emails on the email client on the 700w. This is Pocket Outlook. The same one on my 6700. If you take the stylus and hold it on a message and drag it across several messages, does it not highlight what you drag it over?

    My 6700 worked this way. I could delete as many emails at a time as I wished. The screen will even scroll down if you want it too. It's like dragging your mouse, but using your stylus. Once highlighted, just tap and hold any highlighted item and select delete. Does this not work on the Treo? I would assume since it's the same program that it would work identically.

    Now, for my question. Is anyone having this Treo backlight issue? Where the screen sleeps and turns on very, very dim after it wakes up? Just wondering.

    I did not like the 6700 and the Treo 700w seems like my next best bet. I need to be on Verizon and I need to be on Outlook and I prefer the latest O/S, so for right now Treo is it.
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    It works exactly the same on my 700w. I really really like this phone (PDA/Device whatever). Good luck.

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