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    I just got my first Treo 700 today, so bear with me please. I am trying to add music to a 1gb sd card that I bought, and play the music from that card on my Treo. I use Windows Media player 10 to sync the music to my card, and then I take the card and put it in my Treo, but when I try and play the mp3's on my Treo, it keeps telling me that the music isnt licensed, and I cant play the music. But when I just add the music straight from my computer, into the memory on my Treo, and not the card, it plays just fine. Is there any way to put music on a card, and play it from that, and get around this write pretection? Or do I need to use some other media player on a Treo to play music, and not use the WM player that came on the Treo? Thanks for anyone who can help me out.
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    You can sync the music to the Treo with the card in it. I think it works that way because it is placing DRM on it for the Treo because it is transferring to the Treo. If you transfer to the card while not on the Treo then the Treo isn't licensed to play it. I am pretty sure thats what it is and that's what I do and it works fine.
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    I appreciate the respons. I think I figured it out. It wont play and Johnny Cash songs for some reason, even when I transfer directly to the card when its in my Treo. All other songs work fine.
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    smart Treo......just kidding
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    maybe it's "hurt"
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    I am resisting installing active sync because of the horror stories. Right now I use wireless sync for everything and I haven't installed any 3P apps (in fact, I may only install apps that allow me to install via EVDO).

    Is this thread telling me that I have to install active sync if I want to play music on the treo?
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    I dont think you need active sync. I can still use a card reader that plugs into a USB port on my comp, and transfer songs onto my SD card that way, and still play it. I am trying to to use activesync for anything now.
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    Thanks, BDRuleU

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