I've been using Razix's Call Director software for like a year and a half now (http://razix.com/calldirector.htm) and was wondering if there is anything equivalent to it for a Windows Mobile 5 platform?

For those that don't know what Call Director is, its basically a program that when you plug in your Treo, you automatically forward your cell phone to the # of your choosing.

When you unplug it from charging, it turns the call forwarding off. I LOVE IT currently for my Treo 600.

As much as a gadget guy as I am, I hate carrying a cell phone around my house... so Call Director forwards my cell to my home number when I'm at home. I want to get either a Treo 700w or a Tmobile MDA next... both of which are WM5 devices, so I want software that will do the same thing.

Thanks for your recommendations.

I already emailed Razix to see if they are planning a WM5 version of their software.