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    I spoke to Palm and they said that as soon as they're done with testing they will be providing free Sprite Backup.

    This is what they promised in the manual (see page 16: "To download a free backup and restore program, visit").
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    Awesome! Keep us posted when you hear something official.
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    Done testing it, come on what is there to test its a commercially available application that works with WM5.
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    This is what I got from Sprite support:

    Hi Russ,

    I can process your refund, but if I do you cannot use this copy of Sprite Backup that you have. The free version will be coming from Palm at some point in the future. I do not know when they will release the version. As the version of Sprite Backup is coming from Palm, if I refund your money then you must immediately uninstall the version of Sprite Backup that you currently have. I know it is a tricky situation but I hope you understand that the two versions are quite different and the free one for Treo users will not come from us. Please reply back with confirmation of the software being uninstalled and I will refund you money.

    Best Regards
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    I got a similar note but they refunded my money already for upgrading from an earlier (less than one year old) version of Sprite. I'm not sure I'll want to uninstall the non-Palm version though.

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