After losing my 128 card a couple of days ago, I replaced with a sandisk 2gb ultra card.

Using WMsync program I loaded 1300 pics onto the card using 54mb of space in the dcim folder. I formerly had far fewer pics on the 128 card as I just dragged them over without compressing them through wmedia. Everything worked fine then even though I was using the whole card for uncompressed pics.

When I try to load the pictures (starting w/ 12mb of ram available and 53mb internal space, I get 3/4 of the way through and it grinds to halt saying there is no more memory available. When it runs the slideshow while on charger power every few minutes the slideshow stops and it goes into a standby thing rotating mode.

What's going on here? If the 54-53 is just a coincidence, why can't I run the slides or view all the thumbnails? What's the point of having so much space if I can't use it?