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    That's exactly what that is tsalonia. When in powersave mode, the Treo "sniffs" the bluetooth piconet occasionally and wakes up if a request is pending.
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    My Jabra BT350 sucks the battery down over about 12 hours with nominal usage. Keeping bluetooth off for a day, I saw very little battery drain, again with nominal phone/PDA usage.
    Next try, I'll leave BT on, but keep the BT350 off!
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    I tried adding the registry value and using it with the Plantronics Discovery 640. Sometimes it would work great and the call would get routed to my headset like normal. Other times it would disconnect and I would have to fumble for my phone to answer it on there after trying on the headset. I guess it doesn't work so hot with the 640.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsalonia
    I've noticed a small delay sometimes. Maybe it's because the bluetooth on the phone is in a "standby" state and takes some time to connect to the headset.
    I decided to turn "Powersave" back OFF because I got annoyed with the delay and was too lazy to hit the button on the headset when making a call (as it would no longer auto connect).
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    Total Newb question, as the Treo is my first Windows Mobile device: how does one make changes to the registry? I assume it doesn't have regedit included, like PC-based Windows does?

    (FWIW: I also notice massive battery drain. I'm using a Jabra brand headset.)

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    You can get a reg editor, I use Resco Explorer which comes with a Reg Edit its also a much more feature rich explorer compared to the one we get from MS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppcmd
    You can get a reg editor, I use Resco Explorer which comes with a Reg Edit its also a much more feature rich explorer compared to the one we get from MS.
    I read Sleuth's other post looking for Beta testers. In it, he had a link to reg edit software, which I've since DL'd and installed. Edit went smoothly, and I'm testing the battery life now.


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    Interesting results..

    When I first turn my headset on, the bluetooth icon on the phone is white, with a blue "B". If I turn the phone's BT off, then on, the icon goes to blue background, white "B".

    Randomly throughout the day, however, I've noticed the icon change to white back/blue "B". And when this happens, it starts eating battery life. Also, after I make or receive a call, it sometimes stays white back/blue "B", requiring me to powercycle the phone's bluetooth.

    Any ideas? Maybe the headset isn't playing nice?

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    I'm using a Jabra BT110 headset, which goes into sleep mode after a call is ended. This puts the BT on the Treo into standby as well. My battery life is still abysmal, but it's all good as I keep it charging most of the time in the office or car.

    The 110, which is a low-end device, paired OK, and has the added benefit of a AAA battery so no wall plug.

    I have turned off IR and BT at times to save battery. and this worked somewhat. Battery life does not really worry me. In fact I have my device overclocked to compensate for the slow processor., which also drains battery.
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    When I keep the Jabra turned off, I could probably go for 3-4 days without recharging.
    By the end of a single day, my battery is down to about 89% instead of 9% (with the Jabra connected all day).
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    I've noticed that with a BT headset connected, the backlight never goes off after a call ends. Maybe that's what's sucking battery power.
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    To bump an old thread..

    I've since given up with my Jabra BT350. Sometimes the phone stays in power-save mode. Other times, it just switches to active mode on its own, with no prompting from me whatsoever.

    I've set the PowerSave registry entry back to 0, and I just keep my headset off. If I receive a call, I can power it up and connect to the phone quickly enough.

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    Me too.

    Also, I tried a friend's "scala" bluetooth with the same results.
    I'm hoping the AKU release in April(?) will fix this, since there are supposed to be a bunch of bluetooth changes.
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    Sorry to keep bumping but I was curious how this hack was working out for those that did it.
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    It works very well. You will have to get used to figuring out the best way to get your headset to connect from standby, but it definately increases the battery life.
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    I dont have a powersave reg key within : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Bluetooth\AudioGateway

    Am i looking in the wrong place?
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    You can just create it.
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