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    Treo 700w fits quite well in the white bag that came with my 60GB 5G iPod. Nice snug fit and easy to remove.
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    "2 available" now

    Thanks for the link... for $10 it's worth checking out (or adding it to my box of old cases I never used)
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    Well I got my pouch from EBAY and here's my 2 cent review.
    It OK. It does seem to fit the Treo nice and not increase the overall size that much.

    But here's why I'm not going to use it that much.
    The inside is vinyl or plastic. And when I slide it in and out, I can feel some of the buttons and other hardware parts 'rubbing' on the dimpled surface of the vinyl. I just imagine that over time it will wear out letters on the keys or cause scratches on the body.

    Plus, I'm using my old slip case that came with my iPAQ 2210/2215. It's a little thicker but it's slightly padded and is lined with cloth. I'm going to continue to use this iPAQ case for a while till a think about something else.

    But for now, I'm completely satisfied with it.
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    I got mine the other day as well. Same feedback, however the inside of mine is the same material as the outside. It's a nylon material I often see on women's purses (sorry, I wish I could describe it better). When I pull my Treo out it comes out smoothly and doesn't appear to be rubbing as you say. I plan to use it until something else better comes along. My only complaints are that it still doesn't totally enclose the Treo (so it's still subject to pocket lint) and the bottom hole is just barely wide enough to be able to plug the power cord into it (so I am either forced out of frustration to remove the Treo to charge it up, or move the Treo a bit inside the case to get access to the connection). Overall I'm impressed and it's well worth the $10 I blew on it.
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    Maybe not what you're looking to do, but you could find pants with a 'change pocket' in the front-right pocket. All my Brooks Bros and Polo slacks have this change pocket and it fits the Treo 700 just fine. It covers about 3/4 of the device and keeps it in one place. Haven't had any problems with buttons being activated.

    If that's not doable, then you could try a microfiber bag that comes with some sunglasses or a pouch for a pocket calculator.
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    I've got a few pairs of pants like that, and have defiitely used it for that purpose. My main goal is to find something that will work when summertime rolls around and I'm wearing shorts 99% of the time. The sunglass microfiber bag is a good suggestion... I'll try that, however I'd still like something that is easy to open and I have a feeling I'll be stumbling with getting the Treo out of such a bag when trying to rush and answer a call.
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    I still think you should look at the Krussell case. They have one with a covered screen and one without. I use it the same way you are talking about and have been happy with it for close to a year now.
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    I also got the 600 nylon sleeve. It's not as thin as I'd hoped: it adds quite a bit of thickness to the sleeved device. As others mentioned it's pretty open on the sides, and it's also quite a tight fit, so getting the Treo in and out can be a hassle and is nearly impossible one handed.

    Carrying the Treo in my pocket, even with the thick sleeve, is not as uncomfortable as I had feared it might be. I think I may go with the Sena magnet flip case since it seems like it might be thinner, I could open it one handed, and it won't be worse than the sleeve, lint-wise.
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