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    I am migrating for a Treo 600 to the 700w and have have a problem with some of the missing phone features. For example, with the Treo I could put it on "forward calls" - can't seem to find that feature here. Additionally, the "speed dial" setup just keeps adding names to a long list that you need to scroll through instead of additonal pages - Does anyone have some suggestions and or alternatives for the phone features?
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    Not that I have found yet, but there has to be a way or work around to fix the recently dialed issue.
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    For call forwarding, dial *72 followed by the phone number you want your calls forwarded to. The target phone will ring. You need to answer the phone and keep the line open for 5 seconds before hanging up to activate the forwarding. Dialing *73 from the 700w cancels the forwarding. This is a Verizon feature, not a feature of the 700w.

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