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    Is there a WM5 / 700w compatible software package that will conduct a soft reset?

    It's a pain to have to remove the case / battery cover in order to hit the reset button.

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    SPB Pocket Plus includes soft resets as one of the tools it adds to the Today screen.
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    Tweaks2K2, SKTools, and CPUScaler all allow a software-based soft reset.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm running a trial of the SPB Pocket Plus on the phone now.
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    I have had nothing but system slow downs and other related problems with SPB plus on multiple Pocket PC and Windows Mobile platforms including the 700w... For that matter Battery Pack Pro supposedly compatible with the 700w also causes significant slow downs and other hang ups.

    The simplest, lowest profile app that accomplishes this is Wei's Soft Reset...

    Also, if you want something to shut down your apps by simply clicking the X versus going into memeory manager the simplest lowest profile app is vBar by
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    Thanks for the additional info. I have only seen a little slow / down lag periodically using SPB - and will look into your recommendations.

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