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    I heard that the WM5 version of this would be available today. I can't believe how much of a geek I have become - monitoring websites to get software as soon as it comes out. Anyway - has anyone seen the official release of this yet? I have not done a back-up since I bought the 700.

    Does anyone have any news?
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    It is available and I purchased it last night. Here's the post from the developer on their forum:

    Sprite Backup for Windows Mobile 5 is now avalible for purchase through the Sprite Software website. Please note when we specified 7th or Feburary it was for Western US time, as the majority of our customers are based in the US. I apoligise if I was not clear on this. To purchase Sprite Backup click the following link:
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    I'm confused... their site still says:

    Currently, Sprite Backup is only compatible with devices using Windows Mobile 2002 and 2003. We will be releasing a new version compatible with WM2005 devices in the near future. Please keep visiting this site for updates.
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    They just didn't update that page yet. The link above is also a page on their site.
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    According to the site, its free for Treo 700 owners. Anybody with a 700 able to confirm or deny this?
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    Well I just requested a refund from Sprite. Thanks for the info.
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    Got the refund. Thanks for the posting.

    Peng Sun 15/02/2006 3:32:45 p.m.
    Hi Jesse,

    Thank you for purchasing Sprite Backup. I have issued a full price refund to your credit card. If you have any problems please contact me again.

    Best regards,
    Peng Sun
    Sprite Software

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