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    I'm trying to fully understand how the 700w handles POP3.

    I have a few POP3 accounts configured on my device,
    and I use Eudora on my PC.

    When I am on-the-go I do a send/receive and my mail comes
    down to my device. Then I return home, open Eudora
    and check for mail. All the mail I retrieved during the day
    is still on my server and comes down to my PC.
    This is fine - its exactly what I want.

    Now here's where I get confused - please correct me
    if I'm wrong:

    Once the mail comes off the server and down to my PC,
    and then I do a send/receive, the emails that
    were in my phone's Inbox will now be deleted because
    they are no longer on the server?

    Also, If I delete mail from the phone's Inbox BEFORE
    I download to the PC (and do a send/receive),
    they will be deleted from the sever (therefore lost
    and I won't be able to get the mail down to the PC) ?

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    how did you get your pop3 to work I cant seem to understand why mine says all the time after I push send/recieve "unable to download to device please check settings and try again."?

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