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    Hi All:

    Looking for an app that can allow my mobile users to listen to their WAV encoded voicemail messages via ActiveSync. AS works fine, but can't get the WAV files to play. Does anyone know of an app that will help me? Or an app that converts WAV to MP3? This is for a Treo 700w. I'm a newb to Treos so forgive my newbiness. I got a doc from Verizon stating MP3s will work. Thanks for any feedback.
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    Get TCPMP, it's a free media player that's simple and excellent. It plays the WAV format used by Vonage voicemail. Be sure to go to the options and check the box to make it the default player for WAV files.
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    There's another thread reporting success with TCPMP, but not love for me with the voice mail vendor we use at work. Their .wav format plays fine on Windows Media player 10 for XP, but even TCPMP with all the plugins/codecs or whatever installed hiccup on it.

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