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    Does anyone know how to convert the videos taken on the 700 to something compatible with a desktop PC?

    Appreciate your help.

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    isnt that quicktime?
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    Yeah quicktime should play these files. 3Gp is a mobile phone codec but quicktime supports it.
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    Thanks. Though it does seem a pain in the A to have a windows device that uses apple's Quicktime. GOd I hate quicktime.

    Appreciate the feedback. So I still have to convert it to play using windows media on PC.

    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    Yeah quicktime should play these files. 3Gp is a mobile phone codec but quicktime supports it.
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    Use Quicktime Alternative. It has the Quicktime codec minus the nagware and bundled iTunes nonsense.
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    .3gp and .3g2 files are only properly supported on Windows by Quicktime. You have to convert the files to Windows Media format using either Quicktime or some other converter to play them natively in Windows. The reason that these file formats are used is that the wireless phone industry has adopted them as the most interchangeable and efficient codecs for wireless media transfer on MMS.
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    I cannot get Quicktime to play these gives me an error that says "A bad public movie atom was found in the movie". Frankly I'm impressed that windows can screw up on an atomic level, but I would like to play this movie. Any ideas? Btw...I just installed the latest version of Quicktime today.

    Edit: I tried that Quicktime alternative and was only able to render 2 of the 6 movies I made. The ones it did render played like crap. The video and audio are very choppy...what's the deal? Is this the best that I can expect because it's worthless? I don't expect good quality by any means but I would expect that the video wouldn't be choppy and muddled.
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    Sounds like the video is corrupt...
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    VLC Media Player plays alot of video files!
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    Real Player works great no problems with it.

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