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    Problem: I was writing a text message that didn't get sent out, so obviously went to the drafts folder. So later on I was trying to get to the drafts folder so I could finish the text, and everytime I click on the drafts folder, the whole thing would freeze. I've tried everything to delete the message that is STUCK in the drafts folder, but I can't even get to it because it freezes. Does anyone know what's going on? I have even tried activesync to the PC and trying to find the folder that the message is saved, but I can't find that either.

    Please let me know if you have any solutions to this, or even if you know how to delete it through activesync by looking at the explore folders.

    Thank you so much in advanced!
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    Been there, done that. Hard reset is the only solution. Sorry.
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    what exactly is a hard reset? like taking off the battery? because that doesn't work either...
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    i actually have the same problem right now.

    to hard reset, hold down the end button while pushing the soft reset button. keep holding the end button until you get a prompt on the screen. a hard reset will clear everything on your phone so much sure you backup your stuff.
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    is there a way to back up all the contact information (names and phone numbers) on the computer through activesync? or any other way like on the memory sticks...
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    when you use active sync and "Sync" your phone, that will backup your contacts into outlook. after your hard reset sync your phone with your computer again and all your contacts should be back on your phone
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    ok cool..

    now.. did that take care of those messages stuck in the draft folder for you? or is it still there?
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    Is the hard reset the only solution to this? My activsync sucks w/MS vista and I would have to go to a corporate verizon store to back up my contacts prior to a hard reset.


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