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    Verified failure on E39 BMW models. On an intermittant basis, the connection is picked up then lost after 5minutes or so. When this occurs, you have to delete and re-pair.

    Has anyone checked this with the Accura or other car bluetooth handsfree systems?
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    I've had this happen on my Acura TL - thought it was the phone. Any insights on a fix?
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    Nothing yet. We just verified it. I'll be online with Verizon/Palm next week on it though. I'm not hopeful for a quick fix here. Typically, this would be rolled up into a patch that would take 3-6months.
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    i've been able to pair it with my tl, the only thing is that when i use the hfl no info is showing on the disply. With my v710 it would show battery and signal strength, for the treo it shows just the triangle with no signal. Other than that i've had no problems using it in the tl. an update would be nice so these items along with caller id showing up on the car's display would be nice, hopfully the next patch will address this.
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    @mbullz: I've had two failures since pairing up with my 5 series last Friday. Both times, the problem began when the phone suddenly dropped the connection after it was already connected up for about 5 minutes. The only way I've been able to correct it is by removing the phone from the car's known paired list followed by re-establishing the partnership.
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    I have had similiar issues with my 700 and '05 TL. I think it is the phone, particularly the bluetooth part. I have noticed that my phone turns the bluetooth off at some point. Maybe this is a battery saving feature, don't know...
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    A soft reset restored my functionality when the connection died again today. This means that I don't have to re-pair the device when a failure occurs at least...
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    One thing I know which affected the 650 and parrot bluetooth kits which I am just throwing out here for food for thought) is that if any of the speed dials have extra digits to dial automatically (passwords, etc) then it would crash the parrot bluetooth kit. For some reason it couldn't recognize the pauses. Don't know if that's the issue here but you might want to look at that.
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    I just got done chatting with our Verizon rep. and we'll be talking to the Palm folks on this problem tomorrow. If nothing else, I'll get it on their "known 700w issues" list.
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    i'ver really had no problems yet.. i was on the phone in the car for 45 mins, no dropped call or anything. I did have a problem when still on the phone and getting out of the car there was an annoying noise almost every minute.. there's nothing else i could think of other than hoping a patch will fix this.
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    I have an 04 TL and am having all sorts of trouble.

    1. It takes 20 -30 sec. for the car to find the phone
    2. The car will lower the radio / show an incoming call, and then wont allow pick up.

    3. Or will allow pick up and then disconnects the call.

    I have also tried several BT headsets, with no great success. The BT on this on this phone is horrible. The BB have much better connection / reception when it comes to BT.

    I am very disappointed, hoping for a patch...
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    Ok, more info. When my connection fails, I can go into bluetooth connection settings and when I tap the devices tab, my Treo reconnects to the car and the problem goes away for the rest of the trip.

    Very strange bug here... I'm forwarding this information to our Verizon channel manager. Can anybody else having the problem verify if this workaround has the same effect?

    For God's sake, pull the car over first before trying this!
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    I think you mean E60, E39's production ended in 2003MY, and Bluetooth function was not available until June 2004 production. I had an April 2004 production 545i, that bluetooth only worked half way, I can hear but can not speak. Now I have the E60 M5, and am experiencing the similar problem as you did. I did however got it paired flawlessly with my M5 for 1 day. Don't ask me how, since I could not repeat it again. Anyhow, on the M5 site, people are suggesting in upgrading the 700w with BCM1000-WCE bluetooth driver from widcom. Widcom's driver is usually more stable than the Microsoft one. There's one problem. I can find the info on Broadcom's website, but could not find the driver anywhere on-line. Could anyone out there help?
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    @drdjin: The E39 530i bluetooth module became available in the US in July of 03. Mine was installed by my dealer in August making my car one of the first USA E39 models with bluetooth.

    Did you try the workaround? I'll check for the widcom driver and report back.
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    Hmmm... no luck on widcomm drivers. It would appear that Broadcomm doesn't distribute this as an end-user installable product on WM. I'll keep researching this tho...

    @drdjin: could you post a link to the M5 forum where you found this info?
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    Update: widcomm isn't user installable. Palm would have been the entity that chose the widcomm stack over the default microsoft stack.

    That being said, I've found the msn article that describes the registry settings that control the bluetooth radio and am experimenting with different values for timeouts and scan defaults. I have high hopes that I'll uncover something interesting. Here is a link to the documentation on MSN. The interesting stuff is in Stack registry settings and Audio Gateway registry settings.
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    Ok, I've had some success with the following values:

    (refer to this link for the registry locations for these values. They are all addressed in the Stack Registry Settings section)

    PicoConnect set to 1 in the l2cap key causes my BMW to maintain the connection better. There are fewer dropouts and the pairing always automatically reconnects

    ScanModeControl changed from 1 to 3 in the l2cap key improves the connect time. My BMW now connects with my treo within 10 seconds.

    I've been using the free PHM registry editor to make these changes. After creating/changing values, I've used the task manager to physically close PHM. This forces the registry changes to update NVRAM. Then I've done a soft reset to engage them. Remember that these entries are case sensitive!

    The PHM registry editor I've been using is available here.

    warning: If you aren't familiar with the Windows Registry don't try this. If you screw something up, it could take a cold reset to fix your Treo.

    That being said, I'd appreciate any feedback on these settings. I'll continue to tweak. The remaining issue with my E39 BMW is that it still periodically drops the paired connection. PicoCapable minimizes the outage and allows the connection to re-establish. I'm not sure why this happens and it only appears to occur when the phone is not off-hook. I may end up going to my dealer to see if a handsfree firmware update is available.
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    (somewhat) Good news! Palm just confirmed the BMW handsfree issue to my Verizon engineering contact and told him that they are working on a fix.
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    First post on this forum. Been lurking since I got my Treo 700 a week ago. I swapped out a 6700 for the Treo and am happy I did. Lots of good info here, which I appreciate.

    I have had limited success w/my BMW. The phone pairs, but does not maintain a connection, although intermittently, it seems to work perfectly. About 50% of the time or less, it will connect only when a call is made or received, but drop the connection after about 60 seconds. The other 50% of the time, it will connect on its own, and hold a call (both in/out) for the duration. I have noticed that if I go into Bluetooth settings, "devices" tab, then click and hold on the BMW and select "set as hands free", then after a few seconds, it reconnects to the car for an unspecified period of time. Sometimes it is permanent; other times it drops back off after about 30 seconds. But, I can repeat this result (the initial connection) consistently, without a soft reset of the phone or re-pairing the device. Once a connection is established, as long as it is maintained, I can use the steering wheel controls to make/receive calls and also voice activation; however, I cannot use the speed dial directory that shows on my NAV screen.

    Sleuth255, I have changed the picocapable setting as you recommend, but do not have a "ScanModeControl" visible as an option for me to set. Any ideas? I am using the registry editor that comes as part of Resco File Explorer.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I've had limited success with my car. You've pretty much described my problems perfectly.

    ScanModeControl will cause your car to sync up faster and should be in HLC/Software/Microsoft/Bluetooth/l2cap. It's value s/b 1 and you can change it to a 3 to implement this tweak. If its not there, then you can add it to the l2cap key. Be sure to soft reset after making the change.

    I've also encountered bluetooth crashes where the Treo would no longer work with any bluetooth device (the bluetooth checkbox would go unchecked and a soft reset would be required to restore functionality).

    Based on this, I'm assuming there's more than a few registry settings at fault.
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