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    I don't get it. Shouldn't pouch cases hold the phone with the antenna down and the back facing outward? That way you can reach for it with your hand and move it to your ear to talk without flipping it and turning it around.

    Or does everyone else have their thumbs at the bottom of their hands?
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    So all the phone numbers don't fall out ?

    So the liquid in the Liquid Crystal Display doesn't spill ?

    Cause the antenna gives them something to grab ?

    Cause they don't take it out and instead use BT earpiece ?

    Just guessing cause till now I use my shirt pocket and a car cradle.
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    I have a holster for my i730, and got a Helix holster for my upcoming Treo 700w. I have them on my left side of my body laying horizontal with the antenna pointing forwards. When I grab it out of the holster, it is in my hand perfect ready to go. I get what you mean about the vertical cases though, that does seem backwards. But seeing someone with the antenna pointing down would just look weird.
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    I'll bet gunslingers in the old west had the same discussions, trying to find the perfect holsters for their six-shooters.

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