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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Well these Treos are time savers....just look at my life:

    The Treo must save me at least 15 - 30 minutes a week.

    And then.....

    -I spend 15 minutes a week running trackerdog and upgrading programs from version to 5.2,14.3
    -I spend 15 minutes figuring out why TomTom is dropping signal when I go to store for milk and bread.
    -I spend 2 hours a week searching the web to see if I am better off using AlwaysOn or STOIC to keep my Palm on in cradle.
    -I spend 2 hours a week comparing blazer to opera mini plus 2 hours to get it on SD card.
    -I spend 15 minutes a week upgrading Metro's public transportation db's for cities I have never visited.
    -I spend 10 minutes trying to figure out which "Mama's Pizza" is the one I go to in TomTom's POI listings.
    -I spend 18 hours a week reading / posting on TreoCentral
    WOW!! "just look at my life" you are amazing!!

    no thanks.
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    It was all "tongue in cheek" commentary as to how we often justify our addictions
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    Quote Originally Posted by oalvarez
    we have spam software running on our servers, maybe you should. i don't have to search through the clutter. as for your job and your needs, it's just that, they're your needs. many if not all in the financial services industry need information on a real time basis, period. your methods and strategies may not work for others, they may work for some, they definately don't work for me. it seems as though you're broadcasting your experiences/needs across all others, it's far from being the case.
    Not at all.....what I am saying is that people who "need" push e-mail are in a minority. As is evidenced often here on TC what people say they "need" and what theri bosses would agree they need are two differernt things. Look at the poll results. The number one "essential" application in the poll here was P-Tunes. Would the American economy grind to a halt if P-Tunes suddenly stopped working ?

    Looking at the Six Essential Apps thread. Here's a series of posts:

    "I thought this was supposed to list and describe 6 essential applications... instead it lists and links dozens in popularity. Though the list is useful, it has nothing to do with the subject title."

    which brought the following response:

    "Actuality it has everything to do with the subject title..."

    Many people agreed with this response and I take issue only of the fact that what a person considers "essential" very often does not have a real business reason behind it. The closest mail program had about 2/3 the votes as P-Tunes so I must, by this poll, take it that music is 50% more essential to TC's audience, than even having mail let alone push e-mail.

    As for the Spam, it's a non issue. I was talking about 1,000 posts in a bit over 24 hours in the Palm 700p thread here on TC (most of which during business hours), many participants getting 20 or more posts in. Pre release info on 700p features is critical to exacly what sector of what industry ?

    Is your spam filter set to remove your TC thread notifications ? I have a seminar scheduled for 02-16, with registrations (100-150) coming in via e-mail. Do I need to have these pushed to me ? Do I want them spam filtered ? Why clog my skimpy handheld device with all these e-mails ? Why look for the one important issue I get that day among 125 registrations ?

    A close relative manages all computer operations for a major financial conglomerate. He uses a cell PDA. He has a remote terminal in his home and has had one since they were the size of a minicooper. A major portion or workers in similar situations are critical and don't leave the Main office....they have no need for a mobile devcie cause they don't leave the server farm. Now the ones that are out in the field, servicing off site locations, yes good application....but what portion of the company's employees are in this situation ?

    I certainly recognize that some portion of people actually can get beneficial use out of this technology. The PC's in my office for example all have video card technology which we "need" in order to handle our CAD programs. However many CEO's are sitting with same souped up hardware and huge expensive screens cause they gotta have the "latest and greatest" and all they are using it for is e-mail, web browsing and to view a spreadsheet or letter someone else typed.

    It's been my observation that technology misuse is responsible for significant productivity losses. Innumerable studies have reported lost productivity due to worker misuse of employee e-mail and web usage. Look at this board and note how many posts occur during business hours. How many employers are benefitting from their employee finding out that the latest version of P-Tunes has been released or that the 700p will have this or that feature ?

    For each person who gets beneficial use out of any SOTA technology, there's at least two who have no real use of that techgnology and another dozen or so who are may only getting partial benefit of the technology....probably not enough for a + ROI.

    There was an question in the letters section of PC Mag today about the "need" for 3D accelerator cards in a business office. The respondent stated that no not today but once Vista is released, you will "need" that technology to take advantage of the productivity enhancements in Windows Vista. I have to wonder what press release originating in Redmond the guy copied that one off of. How 3D windows in an OS will enhance productivity is beyond's fluff. That feature will certainly be turned off in our deployments just like MSN, MediaPlayer, Active Desktop and all that other "non productive" stuff is turned off now.

    I'll give one more example from back in the days before everyone had cell phones and PDA's....I waited about 17 months to get a contract authorized by the federal governemnt. In the meantime I supported payroll on borrowed funds. I had the government rep in my office who apologized for the delay and offered to hand carry my $175,000 bill in and make sure it was in before the deadline for processing that month which was 5 pm that day.

    I had all the information assembled except for one employee's timesheet. I need 4 numbers from him representing the hours charged to two projects.

    Job 1 1st half of month Job 2 1st half of month
    Job 1 2nd half of month Job 1 2nd half of month
    Total Job 1 Total Job 2

    I called and spoke to him 3 times that morning and he said they had some issue she had to handle on site and would get them to me before my 12 noon deadline. I never got them by noon and his answer was that the sole available PC on the construction site was in use and he was waiting to get to use it so he could open a spreadsheet. My answer was why didn't he write the 4 numbers on a freakin napkin and fax it to me ? His technology addiction cost me $2600 in interest costs carrying that debt another month.

    I don't want to take any productivity tool out of anyone hands who can show that the money gained by employing it is more than the money spent on deploying and supporting it. More often than not, the proposal fails to meet that criteria. Some people will benefit from push e-mail but it will hardly be essential for 97% of the populace. As a result, for most of us with Treo fever, it's major use will be for us to keep track of the latest rumors on TC and for others it will be for their favorite blogs, forums, sports sites and other things that have nothing to do with earning your company money.
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    I'm a little late to this discussion, but thought I'd throw in my 2 cents anyway.

    Think of push email the same way you think about instant messaging. Think of the decision you make when you send an email vs. sending an IM. Why choose email for an "important" message when you can "push" an instant message to someone and get a response within seconds vs. within minutes?

    For the road warrior (esp. one that works for a company that blocks IMs), push email gives you that level of immediacy. Depending on your industry, getting the jump on information could mean the difference between closing a sale or saving face.

    1. Sitting in a client meeting and getting a message "pushed" to you that gives you a competitive advantage to close a deal

    2. Catching you before you board a flight to let you know that you should be someplace else to tend to a critical meeting

    3. There's less worry about whether you have a signal -- the negotiation, sending, receiving and queue is done seamlessly. There is nothing to initiate.

    Granted, most people don't need it. However, the Blackberry/"push" culture has spread like wildfire because even if you don't need the information that quick, it's always there that quick. Going back to the instant messaging paradigm, all your emails get to you like IM, with the same level of immediacy. It's like you never left your desk.

    The downside? It's very addicting. There's a great deal of discipline involved to not check your BB everytime it goes off. Many can't handle that... and feel compelled to respond immediately.
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    Another example which supports the earlier comment about push being analogous to IM:

    Yesterday (yeah, Sunday) I approved an IT manager reporting to me to get a Blackberry device. She is on the road up to 3 hours a day and must respond to text messages referencing email within minutes. Armed with the info in the email, she has to get her direct reports moving. She could have opted for pull using a redirector solution (the only thing available to our Notes users) but she preferred the simplicity of Blackberry device.
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    Well, for me, PUSH email isn't necessary at all, but it might be in the future, and now that I've experienced it, I can NEVER go back. Try it and you'll feel the same way.
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alee
    It's very addicting. There's a great deal of discipline involved to not check your BB everytime it goes off. Many can't handle that... and feel compelled to respond immediately.
    Of course, you could always asign different alerts to folders/mailboxes etcetera so that when BYOB goes of you know it's important...
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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